Wednesday, October 12, 2011

love of my life.

These are my 2 favorite pictures from my wedding album. To me they exemplify what makes our marriage good- a partnership of collaboration and hopefully a lot of laughter and smiles too. (FYI C is helping to remove my train for the reception.) Whenever I see these pictures I think of all the times we have worked together, shared together, grown together. And in this time of crazy flux I know that we are just headed down one more new road together hand in hand. (Well actually he is way too tall for me to hold his hand comfortably so probably more like arm and hand.)

Yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary. It went by without much hoopla as I taught both morning and night and we had very good old friends arrive into town for a visit. (both of whom were in our wedding.) But still I wanted to note it here.

For anyone married you know that it is hard, hard work but to me I also have the best person to work alongside and know unfailingly that he is indeed the love of my life.

Happy Anniversary baby!

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Connie Rose said...

Congratulations! And how lucky you are to have a real friend and life partner in your husband ~ that doesn't happen often as you likely know. (It never happened for me in 2 marriages and 2 other LTR's.)