Friday, October 28, 2011


If you knew the state of my brain you would be impressed that I am posting so brief in words but abundant in inspiration. This is the work of NY based artist Nari Ward. I had never heard of him before this morning but his shoe lace installations drew me in and I looked further.

I love large word installations and I love reclaimed material so even though conceptually he is dealing with much more political statements than I, I am totally digging his work.

Love this piece!! and the below piece is powerful and totally creepy.

His gallery describes his work... "Ward’s dramatic sculptural installations are composed of systematically collected material from his urban neighborhood. By revealing the numerous emotions inherent within found everyday objects, Ward’s works examine issues surrounding race, poverty, and consumer culture."

His recent work has used textiles more often incorporating shoes, shoe laces, and vinyl.

See more of his work here or if you are in Philly see it in person here.

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