Thursday, July 1, 2010

wacky and wonderful.

Artist Jennifer Hunold has a piece in from the tongue... and I have featured her work before. So I was curious when she mentioned the work of her friend Sierra Furtwangler. And when she sent me some images I could see why she was a fan. Sierra's work is wacky and wild and weird but oh so awesome.

Sierra does not have a website so only a few images to share and no statement to read but... her work is fantastical and freaky all at the same time. She morphs 3 dimensional animal like shapes together into flat paintings & surfaces and splashes onto the wall and floor. I would love to know more of what she is working with conceptually. But at one point she was quoted to state:

I want to make ugly things look beautiful, and I want to make monsters into heroes.

I especially like how she comes off the wall into 3 dimensions and moved down onto the floor in a more 2 dimensional way. You can totally see how she is influenced by pop art with her bright flat colors and use of repetition. Super cool. I cannot wait to see more.

hopefully she will submit to the Textile Center exhibit.


Unknown said...

nice blog and artr

Jennifer Hunold said...

Joetta, I'm so excited you featured Sierra's work! Here's a flickr site with more images. You can see many of her pieces to date here:

And here is a link to a video of our artist talk at the ACG (Sierra is a few minutes in around 1:45):


Jennifer Hunold said...

Here's an excerpt of what was on our press release for that Albany show:

"While influenced by the painting of Heironymus Bosch and Fransisco de Goya, her work also references and draws from comic books, tattoo culture, 1980's LA punk rock lore, horror movies, Catholic iconography, taxidermy and biological illustration."

Joetta M. said...

thanks so much for the links jennifer!!!