Thursday, July 23, 2009


Started to add some paint to this piece, yet untitled, and am happy with how it is looking.
I am always so nervous to take the step of adding paint, never sure if it will work, if it will add to the work or take away.

These images were taken in process- but now it is all finished.
I am going to sit with it for a few days on the wall to decide what I think- if any changes are needed.
I do like the addition of patterned fibers in the applique process. I am experimenting with this- as I have 3 larger pieces in mind but for the sake of the insane amount of time they will take to make- I need to consider applique added in with the embroidery. What do you think?


Jan said...

I like the applique addition. It gets closer to your photography roots and adds a dimension to the embroidery. Very nice.

Joetta M. said...

thanks. curious how do you think it gets closer to my photo roots?