Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Life is so complicatedly complicated. but so perfectly lovely.

This is the new text piece I am working on... the linen is so lovely in its numerous faint stains, yellow tinge, and sweet edging.
I would like to get it finished today but have an appt. and an extra class to teach so we will see if it happens. Hopefully, I will get a seat on the subway allowing me to work while I travel.

While talking about life and friendship complications with my studio mate yesterday, I came up with another text piece idea that is just perfect. Now I just need to sort through my linens and hope there is one that is just right so I can get started on it soon.
The repetitive stitch has been so healing and relaxing the last few days...I realized I should always be balancing my studio time with one simple stitch piece along with my more complicated ones. It helps rest my brain but keeps my hands busy.

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