Friday, July 17, 2009

cool stuff!

Sweet Finger
I found this weird and somewhat confusing art & design website Naked- it is not in English so who knows what their thing is...but some of the work shown is fabulous.
Like these stitched drawings by Jonge Honden. (above & below)

Barbie Bullet Hole

The cool collage inspired by Scorpio by (or for?) Eigen Huis & Interieur-

My favorite might be the still life of kitchen utensils by Opsmaak- I love the quality of the line drawing and use of the loose threads...lovely.

The super cool volvo classic.

The very clear and gorgeous diagrams and instructions on sexual issues.

Gorgeous technique abound.

So many cool works all made in the name of advertising. I wish I could read the website and find more about this design/ad/art firm because they are super cool in their style and unique take. See more work here.

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