Friday, July 10, 2009

my little dresses...

Here are my finished dresses for a show at Gallery Lele in Tokyo that I am participating in. It is mostly work from the fabulous and wonderful show Forget*me*not that was at Gallery Hannahou awhile back. A number of the artists, including myself, were invited to have their work shown at Gallery Lele with the addition of some hand embroidered Blythe doll dresses. So here is my contribution:

I think this one is my favorite- my heart is fragile.

bu this one has a bit of attitude- fly


and a true but no so sweet apron- housework is bullshit.

I wish I could see them on the Blythe doll and see all the other original dresses.

When I was a child my church always participated in the Salvation Army dolls- in which you take a doll and hand make an outfit for her. The dolls are then displayed together for the month before Christmas and then given to a child in need. My mom always made an outfit or two.
One of my favorite Christmas traditions was going downtown with my mom and sister and seeing all the amazing and creative dresses that were made.


Jan said...

How sweet. I haven't thought of those dolls for a long time. Makes me want to sew again. I guess I'll start on those cushions.

Jan said...

By the way, very nice dresses!

Joetta M. said...

it was so fun seeing those pretty dolls as a girl:)