Monday, July 27, 2009

scribbles and lines.

Many of you most likely recognize the work of artist Cy Twombly. Twombly is a highly successful artist who emerged int he 50's and has been showing and selling strongly since then. I have been lucky enough to see a great number of the work up close and personal which I am glad for- as the work does not translate well in image- The scale and subtly of line is lost.

I have long enjoyed the scribble works of Twombly as they seem so direct and honest and immediate. He also often interweaves words and language- often indecipherable. Recognizing and honoring words as symbol.

Recently I have been being inspired by the line quality of his work. a line quality that often could be recreated in thread. The idea of a scribble thread drawing is exciting. Taking such a casual line of a sketch or scribble and painstakingly recreating it through stitch.

Here is an image of Twombly in front of his work to give you a sense of the scale and color. So lovely.
It's nice sometimes to see the tendency of thread in another medium. Twombly's work is definitely something I intend to poor my eyes over for awhile now- I sense something in it for me.


erika said...

joetta- i am NOT kidding when i tell you that i have had the same notion. i worked for a woman- an ardent supporter of the arts with both her time and her money- who was great friends with Mr. Rauschenberg and Mr. Twombly. She had many pieces in her homes and it was all i could do to keep my eyes on my work. i always thought that Cy Twombly's work, in particular, begged of thread but i hadn't any confidence in my ability to transpose that idea.

Camilla said...

I spent some time today watching my 20 mth old nephew drawing 'seagulls' on his chalk board- watching him work reminded me so much of Twombly's work, and not in a negative 'a child of two could do that' way, but in a awe inspired 'how is an adult able to paint/draw that freely'. I think I need to spend more time watching small children draw- very inspiring.

Joetta M. said...

not surprised others feel that way- his movement of hand is simply like the movement of thread and a stitch.

camilla- i know what you mean... to create with such freedom and inhibition. is beautiful:)

Brittany Noel said...

I can definitely see how his work is so inspiring to you. His line quality would be perfect in thread.