Monday, July 6, 2009

studio in the sun...

Off to the studio for a long, hot day. With all the windows it can get warm in there so I am taking a bucket of lemonade to cool me down.
This week I need to be doing work with some yarn hopefully the weather will be kind.

The 4th was wonderful, we went up to the Catskills for a big annual party, camped out, ate well, and had a great time. Our team for the weekend won the games and skit portion of the day. Go stripes!
The weather was lovely. The moon bright. The air so clean!
Unfortunately, C hurt his foot and missed out on a lot of fun- but still was able to enjoy all the green and sunshine.
Hope you had a good one too!


glam.spoon said...

i'm so jealous of your sunny, but hot workroom... stay cool!

Joetta said...

yeah, i am a lucky lady.
But man oh man it was hot.
Off to more hotness today!