Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a little birdhouse in my soul...

I am so in love with the playful nature of Tamar Mogendorff's "dolls." The figures she creates are entirely hand made with linens, tweed, and vintage fabrics. They play the line of crafty, kitsch and modern sculpture without ever crossing to one side or the other. I am a particular fan of the birds.

But also love the coral and many other plants she has in her collection. For about 3 years I have been passively working on making a fiber houseplant. I have never completed it but it is still on a to do list.
Something about the combination of what you find in a house made with the materials of the house seems great.

The swan is totally gorgeous. Perhaps my favorite. I am impressed and surprised by its detail- What a cool thing it would be to be hanging in your house.

To see more of Tamar's collection go here.


Rose and June said...

i love those little bird houses!

Joetta M. said...

i know aren't they sweet!