Thursday, July 16, 2009


I recently saw an image of the above work by artist Karen Searle as was very intrigued and nostalgic about it. I myself have done quite a few dress pieces myself here & here. I feel like so many women artists do a piece related to our girlhood and that little typical party dress is forever planted in our minds. Karen's installation is very lovely and beautifully crochet with wire.

I love seeing crochet work done in different materials. Still a skill I would really like to develop. I feel like it would open up a lot of potential in my own work. The opened and closed spaces that you can create. I will learn it better. I do have the granny square down now. Karen also makes some lovely crochet work in fiber too:
Karen states this about her work:
I utilize the techniques of "women's work" to present the feminine view. My imagery is inspired by womens' lives and womens' bodies, and by the feminine impulse to nurture. My sense of humor enters into the creation process and becomes integral to many of the pieces. I think of my wire sculptures as 3-dimensional line drawings in space. The line and movement of the object and its shadow suggest the energy of a human presence. I think of my work with birch bark and other natural materials as a metaphor for womens' work and women's lives: all involve scavenging, mending, piecing-together, and adorning.

This piece might be my favorite it is from a series of "body bags" that she made. But this one with the plump heavy breasts and full body is so beautiful and so nurturing its like a crochet Venus of Willendorf. Very lovely.

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