Thursday, July 23, 2009

the longing of love...

After the post I did on Susan Graham yesterday the lovely Knit-R -Done shared her own fiber work dealing with guns with me. I am oh so glad she did- because her embroideries illustrating guns are gorgeous, technically speaking, but even more moving to read her personal motivation and story behind the guns.

Knit-R is married to the military. Her husband is proudly serving in the US Military and in a way to feel close to him she has recreated the weapons he carries with him every day while away from home.

I find Knit-R's honesty toward the experience of her husband being away incredibly moving she writes:

Would I have known how much I love my husband if he hadn't been taken away from me? Would I long to know every aspect of him? Would I take him for granted? Would I push away his hands rather than lie awake at night thinking of the strength and warmth in them?

A question we should all ponder towards our loved ones. Loving them fully while they are near.

Knit-R also makes countless other truly lovely things and has a lovely way with words.
visit her here and here.

Thanks for sharing. and thank you for your own sacrifice.

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Knit - R - Done said...

Thanks! I'm glad someone listened to me.