Monday, July 13, 2009

bundles of the self.

I have been included in a proposal for a show that I truly hope gets accepted. The show would include myself, the curator Elizabeth Switzer, and Elizabeth Emery.

Switzer describes the work included as:

...discarded fragments are loaded with feminine convention. Grandma’s pretty embroidery is revealing truth, not hiding it. Telling you something that maybe you don’t want to know. It has been reconfigured and is now loaded with guilt, insecurity and bodily fault.

Emery's work, all images in this post, is fascinating and quite unique in that she uses found fabrics and then cast and binds these to create works that resemble discarded clothing, body parts, bound packages, and because of her bright pastel palette melting ice cream and gooey candies.

when press she asked for more

The resulting textures are both inviting, repulsive, and evocative.
She states:
These sculptures... become a physical manifestation of the mental flotsam and memories we collect of people and places—complete with uncanny juxtapositions, pattern and confusion, order and instability, the familiar and a fear of the unknown. Tactile and solid, and yet simultaneously fragile, these wrapped bundles offer an opportunity to engage visually and intellectually with the surroundings.

To see more of her fascinating work check out her website here.

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[.L.] said...

Yay for us! Your work is every bit as beautiful as Elizabeth's and I'm excited to be working with the both of you.

I'll keep you posted! xo