Friday, July 24, 2009

collecting consumerism.

In the excitement and mental preparation to go see the Song Dong piece at the MoMa on Monday, hopefully, I was delighted and intrigued by the work of artist Portia Munson. Portia is an artist who takes collecting and organizing collection to the max.

In pink project- Portia examines the cultural stigma and loading of the color pink. Collecting cheap disposable pink objects that all seem to work towards perfecting the body she strongly comments and critiques on the marketing of femininity.

The garden is on overwhelming explosion of color and pattern all created from artificial nature. A sensory experience which makes us question the artificiality of our lives and pleasures.

Green Piece: Lawn
explores showing how marketing manipulates us in its creation of all things "nature" being a sacrine green color. Regardless if it is good or bad- if it is for our use in nature it is green. The installation reminds us of the suburban lawn and its artificiality in its chemically treated over watered grass and all the accoutrement's of modern suburban lawn living.

Portia's work is eye candy but also a poignant comment and critique on our consumer culture and how we are manipulated to buy and want more.

just out of the box

Portia also creates many other works including paintings and sculptures. See more here.


Hannah said...

yet again- you've showed me some amazing work!!! I love the pink project- wow wow wow.

itsallgroovy said...

Wow, That is amazing! Thanks for sharing.