Thursday, July 9, 2009

Minor updates.

Winner of the new header award.

2nd place. Which one do you like best? Did I choose correctly?

As you can see I did some minor changes to the bird with a new header and updated blog roll.
Note I have added some new favorite blogs and there are some real goodies over there.
I am still not totally in love the header but it will do for now. What do you think?

I also did some very minor fixes and updates on my website- but have yet to really jump in and get some new work up.
It is always such a pain updating the website. I really should just do it once a month so it is not so overwhelming. Plus I barely know what I am doing so I am sure it takes me twice as long to do some things. Anyway that is a big TO DO on my list. I have tons of new work to upload, including my lovely images of line...

I also have a few possibly exciting things coming up. We will see if they work out...

Working away on getting this (above) ready for a show soon. And the weather has cooled nicely so it is not so bad to work with it as of late- the breeze cools me down.

Sorry no post yesterday. Our internet was down and I stayed away from the studio to do some major apt cleaning. So worth it the apt looks great.
Whew! I feel rambly today.

Back to work.


hodge podge said...

i love the new header! i think it's perfect. and thanks for having me in your links list ;n) i am doing some overhaul too and when i update my links you will be in there because i look forward to reading your blog in my reader every day!

Joetta M. said...

glad you like it! And so glad you like to follow the blog! I love seeing your work and life out in the country:)