Thursday, July 2, 2009

we suffer, we love...

I just recently read a review on the current show Those who Suffer Love at White Cube Gallery in London on the new work of Tracey Emin and wished that I could drop in and see the show. As always Emin's work shocks, creates discomfort, and moves you from within your soul.

I greatly admire the courage and gall of Emin to create such overtly provocative art and to do so in a way that has kept her relevant for over 25 years. And it seems that her show at White Cube proves that she still has much to say, or scream.

The center piece of the show is a 1 minute animation featuring her trademark drawings of woman masturbating. A conflicted view of female sexuality- something most modern women can relate to.

Also included are some neon works and prints.
In the press release Emin states:

The title for my show is self-explanatory: love rarely comes easily and if it does, it usually goes quite quickly. And there is death, and loss, which at some point in our lives we all have to deal with. I’m constantly fighting with the notion of love and passion. Love, sex, lust – in my heart and mind there is always some battle, some kind of conflict.

Seems that no new fiber works were included but they are always an inspiration to see.

The show coincides, quite intentionally, with the release of a giant new monograph on Emin's work. Something definitely for my Christmas list.


Strawberry_Lemonade said...

I adore Tracey Emin's work and how brutally honest she is and so willing to expose her feelings in such a public manner. She's probably my favourite artist, and i'm broken hearted that i didn't find out about this exhibition sooner. I'd love to see her work in real life, and take in all those harsh works and beautifully shocking images.

Joetta said...

yes i am so in love with her work as well. i have heard mixed reviews of her as a person- but as n artist i am indebt to her- def one of my faves too.

i have seen some of her work in person and it is so wonderful. to see it at its proper scale with all the detail that you miss in a photo is great!!!

eloise in berlin said...

Me too Joetta, I'd love to find it in my christmas stocking. thanks for reminding me about how I love her work too... She's raw and passionate and sexy and relevant! BRAVO Tracy.