Friday, August 7, 2009

another boundary broken.

We couldn't’ get in. We couldn’t get out.

Lacey Jane Roberts similar to Sophia Horton uses craft, crochet, and knitting to explore the roles of boundaries and power. Working mostly with a Barbie knitting machine to completely re-create a chain link fence with barb wire she expertly juxtaposes sharp with soft, mass produced with hand made, and masculine with feminine.

Her statement reads:

My current work merges craft with objects of violence and control to examine large structures of power and how they might be interrupted by ways of making that are often labeled as gendered, amateur, and low. By hand-weaving razor wire fences that have been ensconced with yarn knitted on children’s toy knitting machines and morphing seminal craft tools like spinning wheels into cyborg like creatures, notions of what it means to “master” are thrown into question. To “master” is to wield power over others, but “to master” in the context of craft is to possess a self-sufficient creative agency over materials and tools. I hover between the ideas of Lorde and Butler, reclaiming the mastery of craft to create an alternative set of tools that could potentially dismantle “the master’s house

To see more of Lacey's work go here.


angela simione said...

i saw this piece in person and let me tell you IT IS AMAZING!!!! i'm so lucky i was at CCA(c) when lacey was there. we weren't in the same program but having been able to be exposed to her work completely enriched and deepened my own practice. wonderful, wonderful work!

glam.spoon said...

all I can say is WOW.

Joetta M. said...

wow, seems to me enough said 'cause I agree wow!
lucky you do see her work in person
and see it evolve while you were there!

angela simione said...

totally lucky. :)