Thursday, August 27, 2009


my motto, and one I truly must believe in.
This is a sweet little piece that just got sent off to England for this show...
I am wishing I had a slightly better image...but it will just have to do.

I have to admit I am feeling a little burnt out. I have a number of new ideas, which is great. But I juts do not want to be in my studio. Perhaps partially because it is hot. But also I am just in need of a break. But that is hard to get since C works from home and wants me out of the house while he is working.
So I end up at my studio even when I know I need to be elsewhere. I realized that while in graduate school I always got the built in breaks of holidays and vacations. Since I was working so hard during school I was able to guiltlessly take it easy during those times. But being out of school I never really give my brain a studio vacation and I think I should.
Spending every day in your studio is a very solitary and intense life...and for mental health sometimes you need to go far away from that space to give your brain time to develop new ideas and just be. I am realizing more and more I need to remember to do this in order to avoid total burn out.
So tomorrow I am hoping to go see a show at the Brooklyn museum and for the next few weeks try to find a way out of my studio...and try to find a way not to feel guilty about it. That will be the hard part.

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