Thursday, August 13, 2009


Loving the decadent work of artist Julie Allen. Julie embroideries, sews, and beads our sweet desires, savory wants, and guilty pleasures, all while exploring memory and family ritual.

She makes it look even better then the real thing.

my mom's fave the B.L.T.

In her recent show at McKenzie Art the press release stated:

In this new body of work, Julie Allen has created sweets and savories sewn by hand in silk organza, vinyl and plastic. The sculptures are of desserts and first courses, ranging from banana splits and chocolate sundaes to salads, with their multitudinous ingredients, and even a hamburger. They are extraordinary in their details, with great attention given to the ornamentation: embroidered and knotted seeds in kiwis and strawberries; minute stitches used to create a pert banana; and a three-dimensional ring of onion nestled in an embroidered sesame-encrusted bun, all sewn from lightweight fabrics and thread. While commenting on desire and consumption, the works also possess a great sense of humor and playfulness, and hark back to childhood experiences of family and ritual. Also in the exhibition are embroidered drawings on mylar, which again deal with childhood memories and desire: the things you need and crave to soothe you when you are sick, among them Campbell's soup, 7-Up, cold medicine, and an orange.

Some of her embroidered drawings illustrate on of my favorite combo's a grilled cheese and some Campbells.

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