Friday, August 14, 2009

new homes.

I just sold this piece to a friend for her to give to her man as a gift. I always love selling text works to people I know and seeing what they select, so revealing. With this one I wonder if she is rejecting his negativity, he is rejecting hers, or they are rejecting the worlds together. Either way awesome.
If I was giving one to C, it would say "I reject your incessant teasing"- I guess once a big brother always a big brother!

A while back, I sold a really lovely little piece that said "I am flawed" to a guy- giving it to his wife for Valentines. I hope he was giving it to her, admitting his own flaws- 'cause if so that is super sweet.
I'd love a present like that.

It is always interesting to see or imagine where your work ends up once you have sold it. I know I have work in a babies nursery, a big bedroom, and a famous celebrities house. But I wonder where the many others are, what do they make their owners feel, what do they share space with, what rooms are they in?

I am sending 2 more works off today to a new home and owner. One of which is one of my recent all time favorites. I hope there new home loves them as much as I do.

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