Friday, August 28, 2009

excepting that I am...

and deciding that it is ok!

otherwise laying low today, having lunch with a friend, and then perhaps to the studio for a mellow few hours. I realized after yesterday that it is ok, and even essential for me to take breaks away from my studio when needed... it allows time for me to get excited and invigorated me space to create and nurture new ideas.
So my plan for next week is a sort of "required" or "forced" studio vacation. I plan to see a few shows I have been wanting to see, actually creating time to attend some yoga classes, sit in the park and enjoy the smell of fall in the air, and step in to visit a store that is 4 floors of trimmings- Yes 4 floors of just trim, ribbons, and thread.

a little post on me from a blog with a very funny name.

and a lovely blog by milla to help promote our show in England...go here.

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