Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quilting as collective conciousness.

I have been thinking a lot about quilting lately. I have a piece that I started over a year and a half ago and have never finished, but am planning to once the weather cools off a bit and I won't mind it on my lap. And I am always inspired by Tracey Emin's quilts, especially since her technique is totally renegade like mine. So in interest of quilts I have been seeking them out a bit. For inspiration and wondering if it is a good direction to move in for a series.
So I was excited to find the quilts of quilter Sun Smith-Foret (great name). She makes intriguing very contemporary quilts inspired mostly by films.

I find her approach to creating still quite abstract quilts but working to evoke and comment on the emotions and feelings of contemporary and often complicated films fascinating.

I fine myself particularly drawn to the quilts inspired by female actresses and films about women.

Her website is very thorough and has an excellent statement explaining her inspiration and connection to film. I recommend popping over and giving it a read.

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