Monday, August 10, 2009

Let's join together.

joined together
don't leave.
I am so loving the simple and profound nature of the work of artist and knitter Lindsay Obermeyer, particularly the work from her series Women's Work. This body of work beautifully explores the relationship of mother and child. From works that explore observing the child in play and friendships...

ring around the rosies


To the literal exhaustion and complex physical and emotional responses a women has in the raising and caring of her child...

stretched thin.

To the idea of the emotional connection to ones child and that of the child's to the mother, and the eventual inevitable cutting
of the umbilical cord.

blood line.

Whether in performance or as sculptural objects Lindsay's work sensitively and honestly deals with and explores the complex relationship of mother and child.

She states:
The enduring connection of textiles to the body offers rich metaphorical possibilities for exploring the bond between mother and child. Like a knitted garment this bond can stretch, rip, fray, or unravel as the child grows and matures. It is in a perpetual cycle of mending and loosening until death creates the final separation.


She of course has a number of other beautiful and rich series to explore as well. See them here.


Elise said...

Hello, just wanted to say how much fun I've had reading your posts. You have a lovely blog and I found out things I knew nothing about until now ! Thank you for sharing your pictures and thoughts.

Best wishes

Joetta M. said...


Thanks so much. I am so flattered and glad that you like my posts and the many wonderful artists that I feature.
I hope you keep visiting.


Brittany Noel said...

Joetta, you are some serious inspiration. With your posts and yourself. I was seriously missing you while I was on vacation!

Joetta M. said...

u are so sweet, you made my day.

Lindsay said...

Thank you for the lovely post about my work. Your blog is an amazing resource.

All the best,

Joetta M. said...

Lindsay- mu pleasure- your work is an inspiration!!!!