Friday, August 28, 2009

knotted beauty...

I am so in love with the knotted works of Finish artist Nithikul Nimkulrat. Most of the press written about her is not in English so I cannot tell you much except... She makes incredibly beautiful, ethereal, sculptures of everyday objects and moments with the simple process of tying knots.

With that said she creates some of the most intricate and beautiful knots that I have ever seen.

I love how each sculpture is a monochromatic white, adding an aesthetic simplicity that strengthens the work....

and each object is delicate and see through- though also seeming strong and sturdy.

and I also adore her series of suspended clothing and coats.

these specific works speak so much to both the presence and absence of the body.

See more of her lovely work here.


Camilla said...

I recently saw some of her work in the Textile Art Now! show in Finland. This is what she says in the catalog:

'I am interested in how a tangible physical material manifests its meaning through the form of the artwork constructed with it. This interest has developed in my research into the conception of Materialness, which demonstrates the expressivity of a material beyond it's physicality. Material can metaphorically express, leading the creative process and shaping the interpretation of an artwork both by the artist and the audience. It is this factor that has the potential to affect the way in which people see and appreciate not only artworks but also ordinary things around themselves.'

Joetta M. said...

thanks so much for sharing!!!!
so nice to be able to read her own words.

Nithikul Nimkulrat said...

Having happened to see your blog by accident, I am not only impressed by your work but also very glad to read that you like my work :)

I just updated my website ( where you can see new pieces and also read my words about those pieces...

Joetta M. said...


So glad you that found the blog and the post featuring your work. I look forward to checking out your updated website & learning more about your lovely work.