Thursday, August 27, 2009

sincere and sweet.

Now this would be a super sweet wedding gift to receive. Made by the fabulous Rosa Martyn of My little stitches. She made this awesome embroidery for a wedding gift for her sister. I think she made a very happy bride with this bit of love.

I also truly enjoy Rosa's sweet and simple little quotes and tidbits embroidered with sincerity and sweetness.

What type of saying's do you surround yourself with...what quotes inspire you?

I remember growing up my mom had a cross stitch of the girl scouts saying make new friends in the kitchen. And though as I got to be a teenager I thought it was oh so cheesy, secretly I loved its simple and sincere words of wisdom.

See more of Rosa's work at her flickr site.


This girl said...

I love the wedding portraits so much! These are all so sweet and they make my heart feel all warm and fluttery. I adore your blog.

Joetta M. said...

warm and fluttery- what a wonderful way for a heart to be:)