Monday, April 13, 2009

Fabulous flags!

It is nice on the rare occasion that I am so inspired by someone that I know- that I get to post about them here. And over the weekend this happened. I was wasting time on Sunday morning with my coffee and muffin perusing the web world and stopped in on a few friends websites that I had not visited in awhile.

new england winters

As I opened the home page of Kim Hennessey's website, a current MFA candidate at my grad school, I was so delighted by the gorgeous work to greet me there.

The Tina Marie Dancers

Kim has essentially always made gorgeous work- you know the person you all know and just talk about how everything she makes is gorgeous! And the particular body of work that I love, Flags, was started during my last year at Graduate school so I did see much of it in progress in the studio- but her most recent installation and the fact that online you can individually spend time with each flag- it just takes the work to a new level for me.

From my understanding each "flag" is a portrait of a person and or significant event in Kim's life. Many individual portraits to create a very spectacular self portrait, almost like a diary.


Kim was in fashion design originally and her abilities toward texture and the manipulation of fabrics is apparent in the work.

rachel, kelly, + shannon.

And she always has had an impeccable eye at color.

I really loved spending a half hour lingering on her site, being inspired in so many ways.
I so wish that I could see her final MFA thesis show at the end of the month. But like you I must simply be satisfied by the web world.

Interestingly- I find it quite lovely and charming that the flag that I find most beautiful is the one that represents her love and fiance- Her love for him shines through even in the making of her art.

She also is a very talented painter.

And has a very cool earlier series, hoods.


onesilentwinter said...

so wonderful!

kim said...

wow joetta. thanks for spending so much time looking at/writing about my work. wanna write my thesis?

Joetta said...

kim- so my pleasure. Thank you for making such lovely work to inspire us.