Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I wish I knew more...

about the fascinating artist Jean Marie Casbarian...
I have had the privilege of meeting her as she teaches at a school near my alumni and was friends with one of my close professors... and in person she is very thoughtful, intelligent and interesting so... I looked up her work and it is also intelligent and interesting. She states:

I use the process of art making to probe and investigate social and cultural behavior, human limitation, and circularity. Throughout these investigations, I solicit questions rather than finding answers: What exactly is this friction that occurs when the superficial considerations of the body collide with a social or political environment, amoral or otherwise? What lies in the space between fact and fiction? Is one man’s truth another’s fabrication? Are we derived from cultural histories, both true and imagined? And with the accretion of time, do we morph into yet another self?

From top to bottom
Fathers Corpse, video projection.
Listening to white, installation.
You said you would be there, video projection.

Her work reminds me of artist Ann Hamilton in how she installs and uses image and words... I am very intrigued...Her website offers individual explanations of each piece.

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