Friday, June 13, 2008


The Cue opening was a success last night. Most of the work was of good quality and my friend, Sara, sold all her work. Congratulations!

2 artists that particularly stood out to me:
ceramicist Shay Church, who creates large scale wet clay installations.
his website is quite complete.

"I believe in the natural cycles of the earth. Within these patterns of life and death is where I can find truth. While cities grow, wars rage, and industry climbs, nature’s heart continues to pound. Migratory paths remain, rivers continue to run downstream, wolves hunt, and insects are hatched. My artwork is an attempt to create a meaningful connection between the natural world and myself. Often this connection seems fleeting."

and Natasha Bowdoin:
who creates large scale paper pieces that are beautiful, they are meant to imply animals of the imagination...

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