Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vote for me!!!!

Please vote for me at this online show...If I am in the top 10 I will be included in a publication and if I am in the top 4... I will be included in a show at the gallery in Louisiana.

I have to say I need your votes as the competition is stiff and I am late in the slide show. They do not list my name but list me as Artist J.M... but the work submitted was my embroidery work from my thesis show... I kind of wish my images were the better newer images I have but, hey what can you do.
So please, please, please vote you only have until the 21st.


white^rabbit said...

+ Whew!
A LOT of good art work there.
But of course, you're number one!
Best wishes!

sofia barĂ£o said...

Also done :) yes there were tons of participants.
Love your work a lot, the In with you piece and the wall of sentiments are my favorite. Good luck for this exhibition