Wednesday, June 25, 2008

thankyou, thankyou

and thank you.
Your votes for this paid off.
I am not only in the top 10 but I am in the top 4.
Which means that I am in the publication that the BECA Gallery produces and the actual show in August.
So I am delighted... if you have something in front of you it is always easier to get motivated to make your work. Maybe I will get some of my "in progress" pieces done!.

Thank you very much for your votes and support.
It should be a great show as the gallery looks very nice and is in the heart of the New Orleans Arts District.

Check out the work available for sale here.


nadia said...

Congrats! well done- your work did the work!

sofia barĂ£o said...

congratulations I was sure you were going to be on the show :)

Joetta said...

thank you, such kind words.