Monday, June 30, 2008

the knot...

I may have posted this before but I love it so much that it simply does not matter, one can reread it 1,000 times and still love it.

Untitled, 1950, Louise Bourgeois.
...When I was little and my mother would show me something in a tapestry, suddenly there was a not. Usually knots happen to people who are lazy, because they do not want to rethread the needle too often. Plain laziness. So they get a thread that is much too long. Now if the thread is too long it's going to get into a knot, and I loved that because I didn't like to work on the tapestry, but I loved to undo the knots. I spent a long time- even today- undoing a knot. I was so patient because it represented an activity that was symbolic, that was able I was able to undo something that was a problem, it was within my competence... For me the knot is something that you have to understand to erase. People fight with each other, but if you are clever and patient you can undo the trouble. I am not very gifted at that chapter but I try...

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