Thursday, January 8, 2009

double vision.

A new exhibit of Tierney Gearon's opened at Phillips de Pury, London this week and I am very intrigued. The work is aesthetically very different than her older work - which was controversial work focusing on her children and then most recently her mother. In her new work Tierney uses double exposures to create complex images and sometimes the juxtapositions created are astoundingly profound.... or beautiful.

She states in her artists statement:
Exposing images twice inside the camera was a crazy mess. My images are a diary of my soul. My life is my art. Over the next two years as I untangled this chaos I was creating inside my camera, I also began to untangle the chaos in my own life, resulting in this amazing series of dream-like images: EXPLOSURE.

Dreamlike is right, but perhaps at moments nightmarish too. I love the super-saturated color and incredible sources of light that she always has. Her older work pulled me in and made me squirm...this new work pulls me in, invites me to stay, and then makes me get chills of discomfort? More images here.

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Looks very interesting!