Friday, January 30, 2009

thank goodness ...

its Friday. For some reason that is all I am feeling.
I am looking forward to a lazy Saturday of sleeping in, making a slow breakfast, and just hanging out!
But in the meantime I am excited about some new small pieces I am starting...
Had a great time at this opening last night.
Very happy that I had 2 new students at my yoga class last night! I am just really wanting this community to grow. I have missed teaching yoga so much and teaching this class has been so great:)
Was surprised and delighted to see myself here and really loved her selection of my work.
And really wish that I could go see this contemporary craft exhibit. If you are nearby you should.
Have a lovely Friday.


Brittany Noel said...

Happy weekend! I have been drawn to that exact shade of fresh, celery green lately. Must be my yearning for spring. I just bought a whole bunch of embroidery floss (read 30ish hanks!) and can't wait to get to work with it!

You have such a beautiful windowsill to take photos on, and that light is absolutely perfect.

Joetta said...

i am a big fan of my windows...sometimes I feel like that is all I photograph...the light sold us on the apt. We feel very lucky:)