Tuesday, January 27, 2009

trucking along...

The weeks are seeming overwhelmed by more stressful things but I am still managing to get things done.
I am very excited about this new piece (above)...I hope it turns out well.
I am getting to the point of being in need for some more linens. I really love the table runners and round ones- which seem the hardest to find:(

I finished the first of three layers on this one...but need a new quilting pen to get to the next layer...I go through them like crazy!
I am hoping today leads to the finishing off another new piece and some solid work done.
I think I am taking the day off of the computer and applications.

and a thanks to love forever.


Hino said...

What a lovely idea, keep up the good work.

Joetta M. said...

thank you- both of these pieces turned out to be very strong pieces in my work. The first one sold immediately! Always a testament to the direction your work is going.