Wednesday, January 14, 2009

oh my!

My heart is still fluttering from finding the amazing, and I mean amazing work of artist and jeweler Melanie Bilenker. Melanie makes amazing vignettes of everyday moments by drawing them with human hair and then putting them into jewelry.

And beside the fact that I am completely in love with the work, the concept, and the images- she is also eloquent with words.
Her statements says:
The Victorians kept lockets of hair and miniature portraits painted with ground hair and pigment to secure the memory of a lost love. In much the same way, I secure my memories through photographic images rendered in lines of my own hair, the physical remnants. I do not reproduce events, but quiet minutes, the mundane, the domestic, the ordinary moments.

Did I mention I really, really want one! I am swooning with desire...
and I am also super inspired.


Liz said...


Chrisy said...

oh my...these are the antiques of the future....thanks so much for letting us know about her!

Joetta said...

what a lovely idea...the antiques of the future:)

and yes...WOW.