Tuesday, January 27, 2009

feeling uninspired so..

just going to my old standby

She has a beautiful, fluffy dress
and she has high heels, high heels.
If you have high heels people will love you.

If you want people to love you,
you have to love yourself first.
That's what it means.

Louise Bourgeois.

Some real words of inspiration found here.


nadia said...

i liked this very much.

Joetta said...

she is a wise, wise women...

sarasophia said...

i love that bit of poem.

had never heard it before.

it is definitely enough reason to follow your blog:)

will you follow along with me as well? (tout-est-des-roses.blogspot.com)

thank you,

Joetta said...

louise is worthy of our love...
i look forward to checking out your blog.