Wednesday, January 28, 2009


feeling doubt in my belief in it in the air?
C has been quite down this week as well, but he has a job to deal with so it is harder for him.
Feeling frustrated by the "life" obligations taking over my day, the delays to getting to the studio, or the reasons that I need to leave early...etc.

Hoping my mood and energy change soon.
But in times when I am feeling down and low all the love and support I get in the Blogoshere means so much so a big thanks to the lovely blog here.
And if you want to read an interview of me at Scoutie Girl to learn a little more about me and my process please check it out- and thanks to Amy for asking me.


molly said...

excellent interview with scoutie girl. i loved everything you had to say. and i really love, love your work.

Joetta said...

Thank you so much for you very sweet words...made my day:)