Monday, January 12, 2009

interesting shrubs.

Brad Moore was recently featured in PQ magazine and I just cannot get his stark and odd photographs of the suburban cities of central and southern California out of my mind. The way he approaches his subject makes the banal locations seem both lonely and dull as well as beautiful and magical.

As a native to the area and attending school elsewhere he states:

I returned, and was fascinated by their simultaneous decline and growth. I see these areas differently from places I have never been. Knowing what was, and now what is influences my approach. I’ve avoided traditional, documentary-style photography; instead I have photographed select buildings and shrubbery in primarily static, symmetrical compositions, reflecting change, irony and evolution.

I have never been able to photograph without some romance of light or composition...Moore manages to keep the romance of a place while not being romantic at all. Peruse and try to pick a favorite, I dare you.


Liz said...

thanks for the PQ shout out. miss you!

jennifer lorton said...

Very cool photos and your discription was perfect. A great find.

Joetta said...

hey liz- missin you too. congrats on the curatorial credit at woodstock!

Jennifer- Thank you. sometimes I wonder if my attempt to describe is a bad decision but...well i just can't help it...