Tuesday, January 13, 2009

studio practice.

A new template that I finished yesterday to turn into a new
embroidery...this is a start to a new series - inspired by doing this.
I am really excited to get started and see what develops.

This embroidery is coming along really quickly...I might be able to
finish the embroidery part this week and then I will go back in to do
some painting. It is the first one that I am struggling with...I am
not sure how it is turning out? But we will see once it is all done.
What do you think?

What new projects are you working on?

and excited to be included in this review for a photo show.
Check out images of the opening of Stitch Spectacular here and here.


~Barb~ said...

Congrats on the review inclusion! And I can't wait to see how your new piece comes along, too.

I actually have a commision to start working on...a mixed media piece of a friends little girl. I'm kinda nervous about it, too. Eeek! lol

Peace & Love,

please sir said...

You are welcome! Oh I should have put it all together - I didn't realize it was you! That makes it even better - your work is so lovely.

Joetta said...

commissions are always a little nerve wrecking...but sometimes so nice as they get you a little out of your head.
Good luck:)

Joetta said...

Diana-so funny that you did not make the connection...that has happened before someone linking to my website not knowing it was little old yellow bird me...smaller world then we think.
Thank you again:)