Friday, January 2, 2009


Resolution of the new year? Mine never changes to simply live a happier, healthier, more present life.
If that is done all else will follow.
But I fail at moments, many moments.
Getting caught up in the future or the past.
Staying in bed too long after too much ice cream.
Having a bottle of wine instead of a glass.

But once again we have a little new start...
We can decide to try to see things a little different, hear things with more open ears, say things with a more open heart.
So though I know I will fail in moments and conquer in others.
I chug along striving to live this life with more happiness, more love towards myself and my body, and to be utterly present in every breath I breathe.
image from here.


Bonnie said...

The wonderful thing about moments is that each one is followed by another, fresh moment in which we are free to make a new choice.

Happy New Year!

Joetta said...

so lovely put!

Fine Little Day said...

Oh, so nice photo.