Friday, January 9, 2009

favorite of the night...

My favorite piece in the show Economies of Scale last night was a small work by Linda Brooks Hirschman. By looking at the piece in the show I knew I would be delighted by her other work and I was right.

The skill, craftsmanship, and use of color is inspiring and something I could learn from. I really enjoy her recreation and references to nature. Her use of words on her website is very poetic so I will let her speak for herself.

What captures my interest more than perfect seashells and exquisite peacock feathers is a random pile of leaves, gnarly vines, flowers after the bloom. I am fascinated by what happens to forests and shores after the effects of weather and time ----- the phases of the life cycle when living things change their shape, size, color and texture. This is when chance patterns emerge. Rhythmic imperfection. Transformation

The detail in the work is just astounding:

I focus on my awareness of the life cycle, spring following winter, hope following loss.


jess gonacha said...

wow, i'm always amazed and a little intimidated by work like this that is so detailed and has such incredible craftsmanship. i bet it was awesome in person!!

Joetta said...

Jess- yes intimidating but gives us hope for our future as makers...the piece that i saw was amazing but i would love to see one of her larger installations in person too!