Wednesday, March 18, 2009

chelsea chat...

I needed to go to Chelsea yesterday to pick up some work and begrudgingly felt that since I was there I should walk around and take a look. And- I was pleasantly surprised. Now nothing blew my socks off ( I actually did not have socks on) but there was a fair amount of very lovely and subdued work.
In my opinion the economic crisis could be much what the art world needs- instead of seeing overblown installations, anti- aesthetic giant pieces, and vacuous images I saw a lot of smaller, simpler, and in the end more sophisticated work then I have seen in Chelsea in a long time.
Some work I particularly liked :

Photographer Robert McCurdy has some very lovely still life photographs at Venetia Kapernekas Gallery. The images were printed on very matte paper so the flowers and objects disappeared into a rich inky black. They need to be seen in person to be appreciated. I only wish there was more clarity in the objects. I do not know what they were shot with but they do not look as if they were shot with a 4x5 and I wish they were or even an 8x10. The detail would have made the images all the more lovely.

Yoshimoto Nara at Marianne Boesky Gallery- not work I would normally be drawn to but in the context of the gallery space and the other work I saw throughout the day- I found it all very charming.

Emily Prince
at Kent Gallery- the entire show was very nice. She dealt with cut photographs in a very beautiful way- But by far my favorite piece was doily crocheted by Maria Esperanza Valdez Cordova, my grandmother, The one on the left is the real thing and the one on the right is a meticulously cut out scanned version. It was so gorgeous! FYI They were about 25 inches round or so.

And Simon Evan at James Cohen Gallery- his quirky drawings have been making there way across the web world and I was happy to see them in person.

so there is my Chelsea chat. Hope you enjoyed our little wander.
and a big sweet thanks to design is mine and every little counts who both posted about the same piece of mine yesterday!

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onesilentwinter said...

i love the photographs joetta and might dare say they blew my none existence socks off!

Joetta said...
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Joetta said...

thanks, you made me laugh, something I can always handle a little more of:)