Monday, March 30, 2009

I want more...

I recently saw a work of artist Susie Brandt online and was intrigued by her strong use of color and layering. I cannot say further Internet research was satisfying. What I could find is disjointed and with little writing or statement behind what I discovered. (i.e. little tidbits from other folks but no cohesive presence by either her or a gallery representing her) But as I looked deeper I still kept finding work that excited and inspired me.

Technically her proficiency in quilting is astounding and inspiring.

Susie's work, as much contemporary craft does, explores the role of the domestic and handmade, but pushes further into ideas of consumption and abundance, and visual relationships between rural and urban landscapes created through textiles.

All of these explorations create strong individual works. But looking at them as a larger body of work from one artist sometimes seems a little disjointed and confusing. Some seem to come out of a more traditional and decorative viewpoint while others are entirely conceptual.

Collaboration with Liz Ensz

I would love to hear the chronology of the bodies of work, which works led to others, and what Susie's current work is now.
In other words I want more, I need more, I want more information. Give me more.

I also find it interesting because certain works of Susie's really remind me of some of my favorite young artists using textiles such as Derick Melander and Kimberley Hart.


Aubrey Longley-Cook said...

Wow! I admire her use of color. What amazing work!

Joetta said...

yeah- the color is what totally caught my eye and drew me it!

Rebecca said...

There's a little book about her work from Tellos press. You can order it directly from Susie, or mailorder from England. She's one of my all time favorites.

Joetta said...


Thank you so much- I will definitly look into it.