Monday, March 9, 2009

the contours of thread

I recently saw an image of Shizuko Kimura's embroideries in the winter Surface Design magazine.
The image drew me in, the drawing quality almost like a blind contour but the fact that it was created with thread embroidered and laying on fabric made me love it all the more...I love the hanging threads, loops, and layered stitches used to create shadow and form. So lovely.

Shizuko states:
All of my life studies are worked in thread directly from the life model without using preliminary sketches or photographs. Working under strict time pressure in this way produces a dynamic tension that arises from the need to work at speed with the needle and thread in response to the model's pose and is essential to capture the 'Ki' or essence of the subject.

I really love the quickness portrayed through her hand and style of making. In many ways they remind me of the drawings of Danica Phelps.

I am excited that I will be able to see her work in person in June. I have a feeling seeing it in person will make it all the more lovely.
It is amazing how many talented artists are using thread as their form of expression.