Tuesday, March 17, 2009

textiles and science- stir.

autonomous membranes powered by the sun.

I cannot describe artist Rachel Wingfield's work as well as this so :

her current research strand is an... investigation into reactive, self-powering surfaces driven by systems and models of growth exhibited in nature...She is seeking to develop textile materials that are a part of a dynamic, self-sufficient system with the ability to communicate, similarly to how plants have a constant dialogue with their environment. In her work she views the domestic sphere as a garden in which she can transform traditional decorative surfaces into rich, dynamic displays of botanical life. Her pieces are the seeds of a story, which grow and develop in response to its environment. Nature is a vast source of ideas to mimic and be inspired by, rather than a source of materials to extract, convert then discard. Her work aims to provide a more intuitive understanding of our natural environment, from day-night cycles to power consumption with ongoing research into the physiological effects of light and colour on the human body.

Well said.

woven wall with living plants.

silent alarm clock.

Biomimetic architecture modeled on molecular structures and metabolism in living cells.

Sound reactive wallpaper, 2001

And I am no science major- but Rachel's work is so cool. Yes cool. The innovative nature of the work is absolutely astounding and the natural beauty that the work emanates is very enticing.
I love the idea of a work living on in the process of being art- through both literal growth and responsiveness. I mean wall paper that reacts to you- that is fascinating.

Her website is very extensive going into the conceptual and scientific side of things very thoroughly.
So for all you science junkies read away.

Who would not love to wake up to that silent alarm clock- morning anger would immediately cease to exist.

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