Tuesday, March 10, 2009

moving thread into a story

artist Anne Wilson is best known for her stop motion animation's in which she uses thread and pins to weave her story. Often the story is an abstract one rather then overtly narrative- but with the combination of her gorgeous and simple visuals with a moving soundtrack- a story indeed has been told to your soul.

I first saw her work through the piece Errant Behaviors- and I was transfixed.
This piece is twenty-three animation segments that play on shuffle -creating a work with no beginning or end.
She manipulates her simple tools into familiar visions of life, growth, love, and death.
Make sure to watch an excerpt here.

In her statement Anne says:
My source materials - hair, linen, lace, pins, wire, and thread - are the props of both domestic culture and larger social systems. I join together the points where these systems overlap, and where issues of sexuality and decorum, vitality and death construct meaningful relationships, and find release.

She also creates very interesting still images and installations.
Her website is dense and very well made. So if you have plenty of time to spare and a need for inspiration she is the spot.

She also has this intriguing project on hair.

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