Tuesday, March 3, 2009

lace like no other- late.

Somehow, yesterday I came upon the below post- which I created in June. It accidentally never made it's way to being published. So here you go- a little late.

In this months (June's) FiberArts the illustrator Urh Sobocan and his grandmother Iva were featured for their amazing and inspiring collaboration.
Urh as an artists creates complex designs from collage and illustration and Iva skillfully makes it into a beautiful and highly technically proficient lace. The varied shapes and stitches that Iva uses to create the different scenes and textures are very amazing, impressive, and inspiring.

I look forward to watching this collaboration grow.

Either way, so far I love it....
Check out Urh's website for much better and close up images of the work.

I hope to some day see it in person as I am sure that is when it truly astounds

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