Wednesday, March 4, 2009

talented friends

I am sometimes amazed and often feel very lucky for all my wonderful talented friends.
Many of which are artists, a handful of writers, a burlesque mademoiselle, and then the little pocket of smarty-pants engineers.
So I am delighted to celebrate the amazing work of the beautiful Jaclyn Mednicov at 20x200.
Jaclyn makes wonderful and subtle drawings that I myself have often coveted. The white space and color palette... gorgeous. This is a recent direction in her work and ever since she started this series I have been loving it.

So go over and check out her fabulous stuff- for only $20 you can have an awesome work of art by a genuinely sweet and delightful artist.

She states:
I observe as nature crawls its way to the surface of the sidewalks, train tracks, and brick walls that comprise New York City. Inspired by the imagery of my daily life, I create deserted landscapes which are produced primarily with pen, ink, and washes of paint. These spaces serve as a witness to abandoned human activity. I intend to record the moment when decay begins, or when something new, something different is to be born

She also has a very nice newly designed website and
will be appearing in the next New American Paintings magazine.

So get her while she is hot!

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Brittany Noel said...

Oooh wow, I really like your friend's drawings!