Tuesday, March 24, 2009

lace in large scale...

To see structures of hand cut lace towering above you sounds like a perfect vision to me. Artist Piper Shepard meticulously hand cuts traditional lace patterns out of fabric, something that is more suited for small works but Piper takes this on to a super sized scale. Creating installations that reference physical structures but built from a fragile pattern.

Piper Shepard’s hand-cut panels are fabricated of materials such as graphite, aluminum, muslin and gesso, although they often refer to historic fabrics, re-scaled and re-designed... creating textile structures that suggest walls or passages. from here.

She says, of her work, “A surface is a ledger, a calendar, evocative evidence of time and process…Like a map, it is an abstract way of tracking and comprehending.

Piper's work emphasizes how what is not there is just important as what is left- using the role of negative space to the max. I have always been drawn to work that is essentially a remnant and in many ways this is what Pipers work is the remnant of the labor intensive practice of cutting...resulting into an inspiring world to walk amongst.

This inspires me to look into non traditional ways I can reference lace in my own work. I love lace and often want to create it- but as of right now do not have the patience or time to learn and hone the craft. hmmm. Get's the brain a churnin'

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