Friday, March 6, 2009

death and beauty

I am humbly inspired by the overwhelming amount of time and care that are put into each work from the lovely new series Grave Rubbings by artist Susan Lenz. I have always loved rubbings in general- when I did a lot of printmaking I did many of rubbings of lace and fabrics- and have been trying to figure out how to bring it back into my work.
A rubbing always is such a trace of what it comes from.... Susan's new series is astounding in its detail and over embroidered technique.

I love how with her use of multiple rubbings being quilted together with the background of old found linens builds so much history and memory into each piece. Each piece ends up seeming very personal though the grave is of someone unknown to us.

I also really enjoy the variety she creates in the different works, especially how she edges them. My brain is going wild with ideas from this lovely series...the way she build the text out of quilting is so inspiring. I really need to learn more quilting techniques.

Visit one of Susan's many blogs here.
or visit this one which features a series of printed and embroidered portraits.


Susan said...

Thank you so very, very much for such kind words. Your work is incredible...which makes your compliment of mine so much richer!
Susan LENZ

Joetta said...

my pleasure...truly loving the work:)